Counter Top

It might seem cliché but the truth is that the kitchen is at the heart of your home. The decision to do up the kitchen with attractive kitchen countertops is challenging because you need to look at optimized use of the available space while ensuring premium aesthetics. The budget, unfortunately, is a big area of concern.

At PT Home Finishes, we understand this completely. And, that is why we come on board as your home finishing solution partner, offering you an extensive range of solutions that are perfect for varied kitchen sizes, and pockets.

Here is what we have to offer you:

  • 1. Stunning work of kitchen countertops available in all kinds of materials, ranging from engineered quartz, slab granite, bamboo, stainless steel, or even zinc.
  • 2. Exclusive custom kitchen cabinets that match your personal preferences and aspirations. Some of the most versatile and flexible options are offered by PT Home Finishes.
  • 3. We assess your available space and understand your need. The kitchen cabinet design is then accordingly drawn where all the three parameters of elegance, functionality, and budget are addressed effectively.
  • PT Home Finishes is the chosen partner of many homeowners for an impeccable looking kitchen that is just perfect for your home.