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Cutting and Edging Services

To give you’re indoors a chic and sophisticated look, it is so vital to employ the services of a vendor that can offer superlative cut and edge services. With PT Home Finish, the range of cutting and edging is extensive and vast. We are here to offer customized solutions, as per your inputs.

How do we do the work? We employ the highest grade of known technology to ensure that the cabinetry work at your home and workplace is augmented by multiple times so that all uninviting and not-so-attractive edges are transformed into visually appealing indoors.

With our advanced cut and edge services, you can expect not only an exemplary look to your indoors but also, render the cabinetry a durability co-efficient of a different kind.

What is the advantage of choosing us as your cutting and edging contractor? Of course, the seamless work and the fantabulous result that will effectively alter the look of your inside space. And, it is so much critical for the safety of the occupants too.

We are the leading choice of many commercial and residential entities because we work with the latest technology to render smooth edges to the cabinetry work, in your home and office.


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The future is bright

The quality of the products we offer is the best guarantee of reliability over time, our attention is the tranquility of being always available for any future need.

I have always been very impressed that you regularly follow up on the cases I have raised and follow them through to completion. I actually don’t think I have experienced such proactive customer support before and you should be commended for this.

I have had a lot of friends and family ask me where we got our modern kitchen design & installation and I am always happy to recommend PT HOME FINISHES This is in no small part due to your customer support since the installation of the system.

PT HOME FINISHES did an excellent job of explaining the solar panel system, how it worked, the potential power output and savings. The installation was done on time and was excellent.

“They always managed to deliver chiseled and well-crafted furniture to me, I will always come back when I’m in need of their services”
“I can recommend them to anyone looking to have top quality acrylic furniture or items, they are the best indeed at what they do”

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